AtlaSense is now Onna

Here’s to the feedback. The lessons learned along the way. The countless lines of code, cups of coffee and team powwows. They were necessary for what was to come. We’re excited to present our new platform Onna, which we are sure will suit better your needs.

Let us invite you to discover Onna



Applications built on top of AtlaSense’s AI capabilities and integrations automate specific workflows, so you can take control of your data and work more efficiently. 


Seamlessly enforce document retention policies across your organization for every data source, all under one platform.

Our smart vault can also focus on retaining only the types of documents you need. Want to make sure that all your financial documents are safeguarded? AtlaSense Vault uses deep learning to do just that.



AtlaSense continuously collects and processes all your data, making the eDiscovery process quick and efficient. AtlaSense eDiscovery’s seamless natural language processing of your data makes the identification and collection phases of eDiscovery obsolete. 

With AtlaSense you will spend less time identifying your data sources, you can conduct rapid early case assessment anytime you want, use AtlaSense topic modeling to get a quick overview of your data, and watch AtlaSense deep learning classification algorithms find specific documents you need with minimal effort on your part. 

After you’ve done your assessment, export the data you need for production.

legal hold

With the AtlaSense Legal Hold app, you can connect with active directory, Workday Office 365, and other applications to rapidly implement a legal hold across your enterprise data.  

AtlaSense Legal Hold not only issues legal hold notices, but also preserves your ESI instantly with the click of a button.


AtlaSense brings all of your data sources into a single AI-powered platform that can help your team find contracts quickly. AtlaSense will automatically classify your contracts based on contract type. With our Triggers functionality, you will never lose track of a single expiration date. With AtlaSense, you can create custom fields for your contracts, such as contract amount, contract renewal date, and whether it contains a specific clause, and see analytics on the data your contracts contain.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


With all of your data in a single smart platform, AtlaSense helps you identify and stomp out compliance risks. AtlaSense informs your compliance team every time problematic information such as PHI or PII appears anywhere across your data, so that you can remove this data, and ensure your company follows regulation.

build your own

With access to AtlaSense’s API, you can build your own application to make use of AtlaSense’s integrations with over 30 data sources and its AI capabilities. Use your AtlaSense application for your own data, or make it available to other AtlaSense users.

Main Features



Security first

Our mission is to give customers insight into their data. Our responsibility is to make sure that data is kept in a system using the highest security standards. AtlaSense has numerous attestations from numerous third-party industry leaders.

You're in control

Thanks to a powerful, yet simple, user administration panel, AtlaSense lets you define group and user permissions to make sure users will access only what you want them to access.


You can install the machine-learning powers of AtlaSense as an on-premise application to your own servers, with no internet dependencies. 

deep learning

Build a powerful brain to get the most of your rich data. AtlaSense leverages the power of machine learning and natural language processing technologies to classify documents and help you sift through documents with powerful analytics. 


AtlaSense collects and indexes data from over 30 different types of file repositories, email, computers, social media sites, and servers. 


"AtlaSense gives me peace of mind that I'm collecting everything I need."
-Sylvie, Manager of Legal Operations and Litigation at Electronic Arts

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